We look forward to this time together to explore the different ways in which we are all interconnected and how to build bridges to reach each other, survivors, and communities.

If you have questions or would like to apply for a scholarship, please email conference@wcsap.org

 How do I access the conference?
The entire conference is happening virtually within our Sched site. Please make sure you can log in to your Sched account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to view the entire conference schedule, speaker profiles, and most importantly access the Zoom links for each session. Please note: you must be logged in to Sched to see the Zoom links. You will not receive separate Zoom invitations; it all happens on Sched!

How do I use Sched?
If you’re new to Sched, there are plenty of great features to explore. Check out their Attendee Guides to learn more.

I'm having trouble logging in.
Click forgot password to reset your password and login to your account. Still having trouble? conference@wcsap.org 

Will the conference be recorded?
Yes! The conference will be recorded and will be available following the event for attendees to access for one month. 

What languages will be available to attendees?
Every session throughout our conference will have ASL and Spanish interpretation as well as English Closed Captions. ASL interpreters will be visible to all attendees onscreen and Spanish interpretation can be heard using Zoom's interpretation feature.

Additional questions? Contact us at conference@wcsap.org